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The Strength Academy is a course is for women who are tired of flashy, single-solution quick fixes that neglect the big picture. If you’re ready to put in the effort to create a healthy lifestyle through an interactive, comprehensive, tried and proven strategy for long-term success, led by someone who genuinely cares about your future and will be with you every step of the way, The Strength Academy is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Give me eight, committed weeks and I’ll change your life!

More About Kali Coaching

Why I Help Create Lifestyles and Workout Plans For Women

I want to cut through the nonsense and make nutrition and workout plans for women simple and fun.

Which is one main reason we all need to find what workout plans for women actually work for you!

Being locked into a schedule doesn't work for everyone. An not everyone wants to train with a personal trainer in their face, yelling and counting reps.

Even though group classes may be really fun, they can also be intimidating and
time-consuming, especially when they have too many people and not enough equipment.

That's why I decided to sell my gyms and start offering workout plans for women all online!

Crazy, right?

What's crazy is relying on a clock-punching personal trainer who will write you off after an hour and forget about you until your next session.


I'm able to make my coaching services fit YOUR schedule!

I'll support you every step of the way and guide you through all of your toughest issues! You will never be on your own again with your customized workout plans for women.

I've helped all types of women with busy and erratic work schedules:

  • Executive Business Women who travel for work all the time
  • Emergency Veterinarians who work long hours and crazy shifts
  • School teachers who are usually too wore out by the end of the day
  • Office workers who are stuck inside all day
  • Stay-at-home entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Military Officers and so many more women in similar situations...

All the workout plans for women we create end up becoming lifestyles that specifically fit her work, family and way of life! With our help, they've all been able to:

  • Eliminate Excess Fat Once and For Good
  • Wear Clothes Hanging In Their Closet They Haven't Worn In Years 
  • Feel Stronger and 100% Better Than They Ever Felt Before
  • And Gained the Self-Confidence That They're Sexy and Beautiful!

Plus, all the compliments they get now are a major bonus!